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Toxic Masculinity: Boys Do Cry And It’s Okay: Guest Post

Thud... The sound caught my attention and I opened the door to my son's room. He was holding his favorite red toy car, which was broken now. It was his most precious possession. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. Upon looking at me, he tried to hide his face. My son didn't want to show his… Continue reading Toxic Masculinity: Boys Do Cry And It’s Okay: Guest Post

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Imtiaz’s Eccentric Review – Japanese Halloween

October means... CRAZY HALLOWEEN TREATS! And what better way to spook it up than by having funky treats delivered especially from JAPAN! We love this season: the weather's finally cooling , the leaves have changed color, and of course, the dead rise! To celebrate this season we have received a Halloween themed snack box! Before… Continue reading Imtiaz’s Eccentric Review – Japanese Halloween


The Victorious Taboo- A Toxic Marriage Vs Divorce

What does a broken family appear like? Is a family broken for having two parents happily separated but united in the upbringing of their children? Or, is it a misfit couple leaving trails of anger and resentment with each step they take in opposite directions? What does a happy marriage feel like? Is it, two… Continue reading The Victorious Taboo- A Toxic Marriage Vs Divorce


Confessions Of An Angry Mom

Confessions Of An New  Angry Mom Stop. Breathe. 1...2...3...Inhale 3...2...1...Exhale You've got an impending deadline. I know. But first, let me marinade the chicken for dinner and throw a few ingredients in a pot for lunch. Can I  make something from a stub of ginger and a slice of cheese? Right, forgot to run for groceries. Where is… Continue reading Confessions Of An Angry Mom


Things That Change Immediately After Marriage

In this day and age no woman/girl has marriage as the finish line. We don't sleep with the hope of a knight in shining armor whisking us away to a land of forever dreams. At least, I never did. I was never the tutu-wearing, princess-loving, ogling-the-current-teen-heart-throb, kind of girl growing up. I never humored the… Continue reading Things That Change Immediately After Marriage

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Are You (Moti)vated? Why Body Shaming Moms Is A ‘Desi’ Sport.

"Kaunsa month chal raha hai?" "Bacha ho gaya lekin cravings khatam nahi hui" "You are eating for two now" "Ab thora control karna start karo" If you have been on the receiving end of sentences such as these then consider yourself a victim of Moti-vation. Our gora bhais define motivation as a desire or willingness… Continue reading Are You (Moti)vated? Why Body Shaming Moms Is A ‘Desi’ Sport.