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Imtiaz’s Eccentric Review – Japanese Halloween

October means… CRAZY HALLOWEEN TREATS! And what better way to spook it up than by having funky treats delivered especially from JAPAN!

We love this season: the weather’s finally cooling , the leaves have changed color, and of course, the dead rise!

To celebrate this season we have received a Halloween themed snack box!

Before We Begin

Let’s talk about Japan’s Monster Mash!

Did you know that in Japan they have a list of three most evil Yokai?

Yokai are Monsters in Japanese lore. The top-3 monstrous threat to Japan were Shuten Doji, Tamamo No Mae and Emperor Sutoku.

Shuten Doji was a young prankster. One day, he put on a mask of an Oni, also known as a demon, to scare others. However, the mask fused to his face and he was shunned by the world. He grew hateful and created a demon army to take over Japan!

Tamamo No Mae was an evil shape-shifting, nine-tailed Fox who transformed into a child and was adopted by an elderly couple. When she was seven, she was offered a position at the Imperial Court. Tamamo No Mae grew and conspired by using her magic to shorten the life of the emperor and plunge Japan into chaos.

Emperor Sutoku was a child emperor who was overthrown by his brother and exiled from the capital. Shattered, he became a monk. Sutoku sent prayers scrolls to the capital as an offering, but they were rejected: this was the final straw!

His hatred and anger caused him to transform into a Tengu, who cursed all of Japan!

Now back to snacking!

This box has 13 different types of snacks, and one unpleasant drink (that I didn’t want to try).

The Good

1. Caramel Pudding KitKat

Absolutely delicious! A whole box of these yummy treats is the perfect start of this unboxing ! These sweet and delicious caramel pudding KitKats are so good, they disappeared in a flash, like a ghost!


2. Tongari Corn Salted Caramel Chips

To be honest, I didn’t even know these are salted caramel flavored! They don’t taste anything like it – not a hint of salted caramel; however, they are a delicious savory snack. These too were devoured way too soon.


3. Winnie the Pooh Honey & Chocolate Chip Cookies


These tiny cookies are crunchy (a little too crunchy to be a cookie), but delicious. 1 pack of chocolate chip cookies and 1 pack of honey.


4. Sanrio Halloween Papiro

Papiro is a tasty chocolate roll filled with rich almond chocolate cream. I didn’t really get much of the almond taste, but who doesn’t love chocolate! Overall taste was good and packing was super cute!


The Meh

5. Butter Cream Roll Cake

Honestly, not much to say. It’s not fluffy, it’s soft. Taste just Okay. Nothing special.


6. Halloween Poteko Pumpkin Gratin: Basically, these are small packets of chips. They don’t really taste any pumpkin. I’d call them normal potato chips.


7. Mini Cake Bar Cheese Cake Flavored


This is actually pretty good and would be in the “Good” list if it was softer. The cheese cake flavor blend in perfectly, but the cake was more moist than soft. Plus, this is supposed to be a healthy snack!


8. Halloween Umaibo Corn Chip

Umaibo is a fan favorite snack in Japan. Basically, it’s one long chip. Yup. Not chips. Just one piece of chip. Really can’t give it much points. Tasted like any other potato chips.


9. Skull Shaped Chupa Chups Lollipop

It’s a lollipop 😂. Really nothing else to say. Oh, and it’s skull shaped!


The Horrible

10. Apple Candy Diy Kit

Every box gets a diy candy kit. Some are fun to make. This clearly is not. Basically, drop a ball shaped chewing gum in a sugary syrup and then sprinkle it! Not fun to make. Taste’s horrible. Way too sweet. Eat a sugar packet rather than this.


11. Pumpkin Wheat Puffs



These are gross. How can you go wrong with potato chips? Make them with wheat! They came in a pack of five chips packets which I won’t be eating for sure. Don’t know what was worse: The wheat taste or the pumpkin aftertaste.


12. Shrimp crackers

These crackers have a very strong shrimp flavor which seafood fans might like, but is a definite no-go for me. Better than the wheat puffs though.


13. Salt Rice Puffs

The packing made me think it would be sweet milk candies! They’re quite tasteless. I don’t even know what I ate.


The Weird

14. Takoyakir Ramune

Last but not least: Fried Octopus dough-flavored soda. Yes! You read it right. Octopus flavored. WTF Japan!

This is the most interesting soda I’ve ever seen. Ramune is a popular soda throughout Japan, known for its sweet and slightly fruity original flavor. It’s also famous for the crazy and weird unique flavors it releases.

This drink is inspired by the traditional octopus fried dough dish. I wasn’t brave enough to try it but my sister was, and she didn’t think it was half-bad. I can’t give rate the taste but it scores for bringing the Japanese craziness to Oman!



Before You Go

Finally, it’s time to learn some Japanese words:

Yokai : Spirits 🧞‍♂️
Oni : Demon 👹
Miira : Mummy 🤕
Majo : Witch 🧙‍♀️
Obake : Ghost 👻
Kyuuketsuki: Vampire 🧛‍♂️
Akuma : Devil 👿
Gaikotsu : Skeleton 💀
Koumori : Bat 🦇
Kabocha : Pumpkin 🎃

Happy Halloween!!!

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