Confessions Of An Angry Mom

Confessions Of An New  Angry Mom


Stop. Breathe.



You’ve got an impending deadline. I know. But first, let me marinade the chicken for dinner and throw a few ingredients in a pot for lunch. Can I  make something from a stub of ginger and a slice of cheese? Right, forgot to run for groceries. Where is my wallet?

You haven’t submitted any articles in a month. The editor isn’t going to be too happy about that. Fine. I’ll finish the damn article first and order in instead. What was I writing about? Where is my wallet?

Umm sorry to interrupt but isn’t Little Monster scheduled for a vaccination today, in an hour? Crap! Of course. Let me get her ready. I have to feed her first otherwise it’s going to be uncontrollable wailing in the waiting area. Do I need to take out money for the taxi? WHERE IS MY GOD**** WALLET?



Stop. Breathe. Again.



So, here’s the thing. I am not perfect. Neither are you behind whatever sized screen you are reading me from. As a new mom I have perfected the practice of making mistakes. Repeatedly.

I can tailor a formal course on failings as a new mom and hand out useless diplomas to those who wish to graduate with me in the 2018 batch. One more misstep and I’ll be awarded the honorary title of ‘momma mishap’.

Before I resume my breathing exercises which let’s be honest is more like blowing off steam from a boiling kettle, let me indulge you in this months edition of confessions. Judgements welcomed with humor.

Confession #1

Like The Hulk I am always angry. That’s my new normal. Instead of abiding by my instinct to smash I now vent to my 4 month old how she’s driving me insane with a suspicious smile plastered like someone carved it into my face.

Confession #2

Spent 120 AED on taxi to take a 2 AED boat ride for the first time in Dubai knowing Little Monster would hate it but I wanted to be on water. She cried and clung. I pretended she enjoyed it as much as I did.

Confession #3

Placed a suitcase on top of the cupboard while holding Little Monster in my arms. This was incredibly stupid of me and I vowed never to do that again.

Confession #4

Ate a combination of food groups who are as incompatible as the Capulets and The Montagues (Romeo & Juliet reference look it up). I convinced myself of having eccentric food experiences while mixing leftover pasta with karhai gosht. 

Confession #5

Binged on Haunting of Hill House with my babys eyes fixed to the screen as much as mine. If I can watch wheels on the bus she can sit through a horror flick. Gotta toughen up young don’t we?

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