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Quote For The Week: Perseverance


I know more than most people what it’s like to fail. In all the ventures I’ve taken, I’ve failed 99% of the time. It’s not easy to live with failure; yet I continue to fight.

Why do I do that?

That would be because I strive for more. If I’m not satisfied with living the way my life is right now, the only way to change that would be by continuing to strive.

I’m sure you (whoever it is reading this) can relate to feeling bogged down by something. Whether it is failure, or guilt, or anxiety; it’s a battle to overcome these hurdles.

But through all this I remind myself with this – I’m still here.

And so are you.

I believe this qualifies us as survivors. We strive for more, we fight for it, and still we remain here; waiting for times to change.

Surviving until we don’t have to.

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