Saim's Journal

Talk About Anxiety


Everyone fancies themselves as an expert.

There’s a stigma in our society over Anxiety & Depression.

You could drape your surroundings with a consortium of colors, have the loudest music banging against your eardrums, but when you’re entrenched in a pit with walls so steep they could never be scratched; nothing could pull you free from the stifling state you’re in.

“You’re just making excuses”.

“Get over it”.

This is the ‘advice’ thrown in the way of an afflicted person.

Everyone fancies themselves as an expert.

It’s not easy to live with crippling anxiety, yet those who suffer can hide it expertly.
This picture was taken in 2014, at a time when life was at its lowest for me.

I’ve been told the expressiveness of the colors combined with the smile plastered on my face makes this an appropriate reflection of my (what people believe) goofy personality.

What no one realized was the tempest crashing within the confines of my mind at this very moment. That’s a very big downside of being of being perceived as a goof: no one considers you to be one of feeling.

But when you’re anxious, there’s not much you can do to prevent the mannerisms people perceive as obnoxious.

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Merge that with depression, and you’ve got a weekend spent sealed in a dark room with nothing but your tears and pulsating breaths for company.

The state of mind doesn’t care you’re throwing away your livelihood, or your family, over a fool’s thought. It has no sympathies for you when you drown your sorrows shrouded in the blackest depths of the night.

But Anxiety & depression do have their benefits – I’ve channeled mine into Inspiration.

Just remember, even in this part of the world people are allowed to be scared, just as much as they deserve to be heard.

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